As I am working on the full sequel to The Debutante Detective, I wanted to write a mini-mystery to help tide readers over until this next one comes out. So, I present to you the literary e-treat, The Debutante Detective: Murder in Beverly Hills!


This mini-mystery takes place over just a few days, and it’s what I like to call a “closed door mystery”. Sam is staying at the Hotel of Beverly Hills on her way to college, and she bemoans being trapped for a week with her family in a place that’s a little too fancy for her tastes. But not long after she arrives, a movie star is murdered on the resort grounds, meaning the killer is someone at the hotel, and Sam is determined to solve the case.


As usual, Sam struggles with fitting into a new place and with a new group of people. Her mom is being nutty with excitement about all the Hollywood-types running around, and everything goes smoothly for Sam’s brother, Logan, while life gets rocky for the budding investigator.


Adding to Sam’s problems? Two very cute guys staying at the hotel – an Australian tennis champion and an American TV star. She starts falling for them both… when she’s not suspecting them for murder. Will she ever learn?


I hope you enjoy this mini-mystery, and I can’t wait to get your feedback. Head to or to download the book, and let me know what you think by leaving a review on those sites, or right here on my blog. The mini-mystery is $.99, but if you want to get on my email list, I’ll send you a free copy! Just shoot me a message using the contact form on my site.


Happy reading, everyone!

Written by admin